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Pity the poor CISO, going through log reports: a million attacks foiled here, a million probes deflected there – and that's just in one day. While we're at it, let's buy a round of sympathy for the development team lead, which has just been handed a brand new scanner's 500-page PDF report, listing application vulnerabilities in the latest release. The reports are overwhelming in their scale. And yet at the same time – because nothing bad has actually happened (that anyone can tell) – the figures don't carry much meaning. Moreover, unless the vendor is doing it, someone in the enterprise has the daunting and monotonous task of weeding out false positives.

No matter where the practitioner looks, the vulnerability landscape is huge, and a portion of it is untrustworthy. The very people in a position to do something about these numbers are in danger of becoming numb to them.

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